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Save the Date! (With these Amazing Ideas)

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Before you send out the wedding invitations, it’s now become customary to also send out “save-the-date” announcements so your friends and family can update their calendars and make sure they keep it open for your nuptials. As with any new etiquette development, there’s a ton of creativity that can come into play with all kinds of fun options for your save-the-date announcements. We found our favorite articles on this and are bringing them to you. Get your creative juices flowing and have fun reading about these fun options.

9 Unique Save-the-Date Ideas

From comic book covers, to cookie boxes, this article by Amanda Black for, on creative ways for you to announce your upcoming wedding, is filled with fun ideas on how to get creative with your save-the-date announcements. Whether the personalized record or the magazine cover is more your speed, you’ll find quite a few great ideas for making your save-the-date announcement the funniest piece of mail your friends and family will get all month. Read the full article here for all the wonderful ideas.

30 of the Best Wedding Save the Dates Around!

In this article by Asure for, we get a whole slew of ways to announce your special day and have people save the date to join you. From personalized balloons with the couples names and the special date, to a cute mini board game with all the pertinent information that also provides entertainment, there’s literally no end to the creative ways you can find to let your friends and family know that you want them to attend your special day. Get all the wonderfully creative ideas by reading the full article here.

10 Unique Ways to Save the Date

In this article posted on Bridalmusings.xom, there’s some really great options for letting your friends and family know that you’re got a very important date coming up and you want them all to join you. From the classic black and white save-the-date with that art deco style to “passport” style for those who are having their wedding at a fun locale, there are plenty of fun ways for you to make your special announcement that can go along with the theme or location of your wedding. Get all the fabulous ideas by reading the full article here.

Wedding Save the Date Ideas

When it comes to making a great first impression for your upcoming nuptials, there’s no one better than Martha Stewart for some great advice. In this article posted on, she has some great ideas on how to bring the theme or style of your wedding into your save-the-date announcements. Are you going to be having a destination wedding? Howa bout making some fun ticket style save the date cards? Are you getting married outdoors or in a more rustic setting? If so, then you might want to try her fabulous rustic save the date cards. Classic and classy is always the style for Martha, and you’re going to love the fabulous options she brings you when you read the full article here

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One of the most important elements to the start of any marriage, is the proposal. Today that can come from either side, but generally it will be him doing the proposing. This can be a terrifying experience for many grooms, because while they hope the love of their life will say yes, there’s always that element of fear that may [...]

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Top Ways to Curb Your Wedding Budget

Your wedding day is going to be awesome. No matter what you wear, what you eat, or what you drink. It’s going to be awesome because you’re getting married! How wonderful is that? Weddings can cost a lot, or they can be more frugal, but they’re wonderful all the same. [...]

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Unique Guestbook Inspirations

8 Unique Wedding Guestbook Ideas to StealOne of the best ways to remember all of the wonderful people who shared your big day is with a wedding guestbook. Traditionally, these are just what they sound like, a book where people write their names, possibly their contact info and maybe a little note of congratulations or advice. While these are great, [...]

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Bridal Party Duties

Planning a wedding can be an incredibly difficult and stressful task from start to finish. From the bride and groom, to each member of the wedding party, there are different responsibilities for each and every person involved if you are looking to plan the perfect event. Whether you are getting married yourself, or have the [...]

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Kid-Friendly Wedding Atmosphere

When it comes to whether or not children should be invited to a wedding, the jury is split: Some feel that the ceremony should be “for adults only” as they see kids as a distraction; others couldn’t imagine something as happy as a wedding without the little ones. Regardless of what side of [...]

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Top 4 Celebrity Engagement Rings

Whether you just love seeing fabulous celebrity engagement rings, or you want to try and recreate a version you can afford of the one you love best, you’ll love the articles we’ve found that highlight some of the most amazing engagement rings you’ve ever seen. Below are our top four favorite articles and each one has a plethora of gorgeous [...]

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Plan Entire Wedding in 12 Months!

Planning a wedding can be a quite a daunting task for anyone. No matter how organized you think you may be, getting everything ready in time for this day is something that needs to be taken on piece by piece. If you are getting married a full year after you're engagement, consider yourself lucky that [...]

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What Men Really Think Before Proposing

You’ve known each other for a long time and he feels the time is finally right to pop the big question. While we understand he is nervous, it’s probably not obvious just how much is going through his mind in the time leading up to the big question and what asking it really means to him. We found some [...]

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Bride on a Budget

Bells ringing from a chapel are acknowledgment of a few things and binding unions is one of them. If you are the reason for the upcoming bell ringing acknowledgement, congratulations! You’ve waited your whole life for this moment, however you didn’t save your entire life savings for it, so staying on budget will be your [...]

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